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Driveclub joins the PS4 bundle club in Europe


Driveclub is gearing up for its October launch with a newly unveiled PS4 bundle, as if to cement over the chances of another delay. The package is only confirmed for Europe so far, where it's priced 440 euros and includes the game, console and a DualShock 4 controller.

It's the second PS4 bundle of recent that Sony's unveiled for Europe but not North America (yet) the first being for The Last of Us Remastered. It would be more than a little surprising if neither bundle was headed stateside, even if Naughty Dog's polished-up horror is only a few weeks away. Well, at least the shiny white Destiny PS4 is definitely on the way.

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As for Driveclub, the new bundle perhaps underlines Sony's retail push behind Evolution's racer. While a PlayStation Plus version is still upcoming, it includes a fifth of the cars and tracks of the full version, albeit all of the modes too. The full game upgrade is priced $50.

Driveclub was originally unveiled as a PS4 launch game, before a last-minute delay pushed it into early 2014. Then it went back to the drawing board until Sony confirmed an October 7 release in North America, and October 8 in Europe. For a look at what Evolution's brought to the table following those delays, buckle up and get comfortable with our video preview.

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