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PC and PS4 best in Sniper Elite 3 graphics showdown


The tech geeks at Digital Foundry have put the three versions of brutal World War 2 shooter Sniper Elite 3 to the test, finding that the PlayStation 4 game looks better than its Xbox One counterpart, but not quite as good as the PC version.

The footage above is a comparison pitting the Xbox One against its PS4 competitor. As you can see, the Xbox One game features noticeable screen tearing, reduced image depth and less detail at distance. A later video measures the two games' framerates and found that while the PlayStation 4 version of Sniper Elite 3 averages "a near-solid 60fps," the Xbox One game "trails behind in the mid-40s."

Below the break you'll find a similar aesthetic quality comparison, weighing the PlayStation 4 game against the PC. The latter looks better, but the difference is minor - at least until you push the PC game beyond the PS4's capabilities, into the 4K resolution range. For full technical details, visit Digital Foundry's analysis.
[Image: 505 Games]

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