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GameStop will fund unique DLC, won't hinder creative process


GameStop CEO Paul Raines does not deny the company's plans to pay developers to create GameStop-exclusive content for their games, but he does point out that the retailer will not interfere with the artists, writers and designers building the core game content.

"When you think about the business of gaming and the cost of developing games, we think there's an opportunity to put capital at risk with publishers and developers in exchange for exclusive content that would be distributed through our online platforms, in stores, our download business, et cetera," Raines explained to Time, before being asked about the immediate backlash against the idea of GameStop dictating a game's development once it's partially funding development. "I think we'd be foolish to tell developers how to develop games or publishers how to bring product to market. That's what they do extremely well. What we'll do well is put capital at risk and help distribute and connect with PowerUp Rewards customers."

"I think the day you see us in the creative side is when you can tell me we've officially lost our minds," Raines added.
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