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Misfit intros the Smart Bed System: the Internet of snooze


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Are you ready to make your bed a smart bed? That's the question that will be answered by Misfit's latest "wearable", the Misfit Beddit Smart Bed System. Misfit is integrating its app -- which usually works just with the Shine fitness and sleep tracker -- with the Beddit Sleep Monitor.

Although the Misfit Shine already tracks sleep quality by determining just how much you move during the night, Beddit measures many more physiological signals -- heart rate, respiration, movement, sound, and whether or not you are snoring.

The Beddit monitor is paper-thin and is installed under the sheets on any mattress. The various readings are automatically and wirelessly transferred to your iPhone for analysis. Sleep is a huge part of the overall health story, since it's estimated that 70 million people in the US alone have sleep problems that can be associated with diabetes, obesity, depression, heart attack and stroke.

The Beddit Sleep Monitor can be purchased starting today from the Misfit online store for only US$149.99.

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