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Rumor Roundup: The knife-proof iPhone 6


Analysts predicting Apple will beat its Q3 guidance of $36-38B (9to5 Mac)

Analysts say lots of things. But this particular analyst, Horace Dediu, is so far above the cut of those normally called "analysts" that it feels more accurate to call him something else. Like "prophet", maybe. Anyway, Dediu predicts $38.624 billion in revenue for Apple's Q2, and a whole bunch more ridiculously huge numbers that are probably closer to the mark than any other so-called "analysts" predictions will ever be, because Dediu actually knows what he's talking about.

iPhone 6 May See Only Modest Battery Capacity Boost as Apple Pursues Ultra-Slim Designs (MacRumors)

The source for this article: "Chinese media reports." And we all know how accurate those can be. Of course, the idea that a new iPhone won't have much better battery life than its predecessor isn't exactly earth-shaking, considering that's pretty much how it's always gone down.

Rumor: Apple to boost 4.7" 'iPhone 6' battery by 15% over iPhone 5s (AppleInsider)

But wait. Now there's this report "from the Far East" claiming the next iPhone will have a 15 percent battery improvement over the existing iPhone 5s. Interestingly, both of these "reports" claim the same 1800 mAh capacity for the supposed 4.7-inch iPhone 6, so this is probably just a case of MacRumors spinning this one way and AppleInsider another.

iPhone 6 Front Panel Survives Limited Bending Test (MacRumors)

We're all just going to assume these parts are the genuine article from now on, aren't we? I ask merely for information.

All snark temporarily aside, this is probably way too high-quality to be fake.

Sapphire 4.7″ iPhone 6 display put through its paces with knife and keys in new scratch test video (9to5 Mac)

It's nice to know the (alleged) next-gen iPhone will apparently be able to withstand knife attacks.

IPHONE 6 LEAK: New iPhone 6 parts leak reaffirms huge redesign (BGR)

Some Czech blog published photos of ribbon cables and SIM trays that allegedly come from the next iPhone, and BGR is all-caps ON THE CASE.

From the article: "The parts do not resemble anything we have seen in any currently available iPhone models." Yes, but the ribbon cables could be for almost literally any electronic gizmo on the planet. I mean, come on.

Foxconn's 'Foxbot' Robots to Play Supporting Role in Factories (MacRumors)

Fun fact: although the manufacturing of individual parts is largely automated, the actual final assembly of those parts into a functioning iPhone is still largely done by hand, by humans. Even with these new robots introduced into the assembly process, that still won't change.

4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Rear Shell Shown in High-Quality Photos and Video (MacRumors)

Again, these look far too expensive to be fake. We'll see.

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