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First three Blackwell games get adventurous on iOS


The first three entries in the Blackwell series of point-and-click adventure games are now available for iOS. Blackwell: Legacy, which originally launched in December 2006 for PC, costs $1.99 for iPhone and iPad owners. The next two games in the series, Blackwell: Unbound and Blackwell: Convergence, cost $2.99 each.

Developed by Wadjet Eye Games, the Blackwell series stars Rosa Blackwell and her ghostly friend Joey Mallone, who helps Rosa assist other ghosts in moving on to the afterlife. The adventure series was confirmed for iOS in December following the developer's first successful attempt at porting one of its point-and-click games based on the Adventure Game Studio engine to iOS, Gemini Rue. The final chapter in the five-game series, Blackwell: Epiphany, launched on PC in April. The series will arrive on Android, Mac and Linux "very soon."
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