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Pinball Arcade's Season 3 tables reaching PSN, Addams Family Kickstarter coming

Patrons of Pinball Arcade's PlayStation wing are about to have a few new score tallies to rack up, thanks to an incoming batch of tables for Arcade's PS3, PS4 and Vita versions. A PlayStation Blog update from FarSight Studios' Mike Lindsey states that Black Knight 2000, WHO Dunnit, High Speed and Junk Yard will be available in the PS3 and Vita versions' collections on July 15, with a July 22 arrival for the PS4 version.

Even though we're talking about Season 3 content, Season 2 is still coming to PS4, though Lindsey's post didn't offer a release date. Responses to fans did specify that PS4's Season Two tables won't be cross-buy compatible however, so if you're looking to rebuild your collection on your new console, know that you'll pay full price to do so.

Lindsey's update also adds that FarSight has "agreed upon terms with all of the major licenses and clearances" needed to add Bally's Addams Family table to Arcade's collection. Cutting through red tape isn't the same as finding a budget though – FarSight expects to launch a Kickstarter for the project sometime this summer.
[Image: FarSight Studios]

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