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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate to be playable at Tokyo Game Show


Grab the biggest sword you can find and drag it along to this year's Tokyo Game Show in September, because Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be playable at the Japanese expo. You probably won't need the sword to play the upcoming 3DS action-RPG, but if you want to cut those queues you can [JOKE REDACTED]

Details-wise, 4Gamer (via Gematsu) reports attendees can face off against the game's new main beastie in the TGS demo. Also, Capcom confirmed a new Monster Hunter Festa will deliver more monstrous celebrations to the country, but specifics are yet to be announced.

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After shipping 4.1 million copies of MH4 in Japan, Capcom expects the expanded Ultimate edition to do big business, both at home and abroad. The company plans to hit figures of 3.9 million for the new game, which is due to hit Japan on October 11 and North America and Europe early next year.

If you're curious what's new in the Ultimate version of MH4, check out our E3 preview.

[Image: Capcom]

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