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Star Wars: The Old Republic will allow you four strongholds per legacy

Eliot Lefebvre

Eagle-eyed players following the development of Star Wars: The Old Republic's next major expansion, Galactic Strongholds, have probably noticed that players will have the option of deactivating a stronghold, which will incur a credit fee if players want to reactivate that stronghold in the future unless it was purchased via Cartel Coins. But why would anyone deactivate a stronghold? Is there an upkeep system? Is it tied to account activity? Eric Musco took to the forums to explain that there's no reason to retire a stronghold now... but there might be in the future.

Musco makes it clear that each Legacy will be limited to four strongholds total, which at launch is equal to the number of different strongholds available. The distinction is there because if you own all four and want to pick up an additional stronghold in the future, you will need to deactivate one. So rest assured that between your four options, you will never be forced to abandon one.

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