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Online ticket companies could soon face the music over expensive booking fees

Matt Brian, @m4tt

Nothing beats going to watch your favourite singer or band play live. UK ticket companies know this, so they've been penalising by charging exorbitant booking and delivery fees for years. That practice could soon be brought firmly into the spotlight, however, thanks to consumer pressure group Which?. The Guardian reports that the charity has given online ticket companies until Wednesday to explain the reasons behind their high mark-ups, which, on average, add 18 percent to face-value ticket prices, or it'll refer the evidence it's been collecting on them to the UK's Competition and Markets Authority. It's highly likely the sellers will choose to remain silent in the face of criticism, but we may finally understand why these so-called fulfilment fees, transaction fees and service charges are appearing when we buy tickets online.

[Image credit: Thomas Bone, Flickr]

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