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Three scraps 0800 charges but kills unlimited tethering on SIM-only plans

Matt Brian, @m4tt

Even though it has roughly a year until Ofcom's new rule comes into effect, Three has decided it will no longer charge SIM-only customers for making calls to 0800 numbers. The company today unveiled new plans that mirror its pay-monthly handset tariffs, finally making freephone calls free and capping calls to other 08 numbers at 5 pence per minute. Starting at £7 per month for 500MB and 200 minutes, rising to £23 per month for unlimited data and calls, Three's new 12-month SIM-only plans also include access to Feel At Home, letting you enjoy free roaming in 16 countries.

While today's announcement will be gratefully received if you're no longer using a landline, Three has also finally done what we hoped it wouldn't: Kill the One Plan (at least as we originally knew it). After scrapping unlimited tethering for new handset customers earlier in the year, it is now capping personal hotspot allowances for new SIM-only tariffs at 4GB. Fortunately, for those signing up to a contract when buying a new phone, Three says it will double the tethering allowance from 2GB to 4GB sometime "next year."

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