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Verizon's prepaid plans now let you use LTE smartphones


Verizon got a little more serious about tackling prepaid cellphone service when it unveiled new Allset plans a few months ago, but it was hobbled by the lack of LTE. Why not just go to rival carriers who've had fast data for considerably longer? That won't be a problem after today. Big Red now lets you either bring your own 4G-capable Verizon phone to Allset or buy a fresh device with Allset in mind. You won't have a wide selection of hardware to choose from, but Verizon isn't saving all the good phones for its subscription customers. You can get the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S5 or Moto X if you want something relatively fresh; the Galaxy S 4 and two LG devices, the Lucid 3 and G2, are on tap if you'd rather save money and get something slightly behind the times. The data buckets are still modest at 500MB (included with the $45 base plan), 1GB ($10) and 3GB ($20), but you at least won't have to pair them with outmoded gear.

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