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Yahoo Japan will erase your digital footprint after you pass away


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What happens to your online life after you've passed away? Unless you've left your passwords in the will, those Facebook and Twitter profiles will linger on for years to come. If you'd prefer your digital life to be as neatly tidied up as your real one, then Yahoo Japan is offering the solution. The outfit is offering Yahoo Ending, a service that'll help locals prepare for their funerals in the real world, as well as closing down their social media profiles after notifying followers and friends of their demise. The package will also close down any digital wallet accounts held by Yahoo, and can even offer basic will-writing advice for those who need it. There's no word on if the company plans to bring the offering to the western world, so until then, we'll just have to hope that future archaeologists don't use our poolside selfies as exhibits in a museum.

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