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The Wii U tears itself apart so you don't have to


YouTuber Vsauce3 is at it again, and this time he's tearing down Nintendo's latest console via the always neat-looking stop-motion animation. The Wii U's hardware specs are pretty well known by this point, but what this video does is gives some context to the silicon. The console's 2GB of RAM is much less impressive compared to both the PlayStation 4's and the Xbox One's 8GB, but that's 23 times the amount of memory that was packed into the original Wii. Similarly, the Wii U's 32GB hard drive sounds pretty paltry on paper, but it's apparently big enough to hold every NES, Super NES and N64 game. Pretty cool, right? The video below has a few more bits of trivia contained therein, and watching it will make the wait for the next Legend of Zelda exactly two minutes shorter.

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