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MS: Kinect-less debut sees Xbox One monthly sales double in US


It looks like the Kinect-less line of Xbox One helped give the console a boost in June, when sales of the system in the US were "more than double" those of May. Microsoft announced the stat, revealing its internal data is based on its "retail calendar and sold through numbers," meaning they represent sales to consumers rather than shipments to retailers.

The company didn't offer any hard figures in its announcement, including what proportion of sales came from systems without the Kinect motion sensor. We may get a clearer picture of the Xbox One's sales performance on July 22 when Microsoft presents its latest financial earnings release. In April, the company said it had shipped 5 million systems to date, while at the end of last year consumer sales were up to 3 million.

Just over a year after Microsoft said the Xbox One and Kinect were an unbreakable duo - and then later reversed on that - the company launched the systems sans the peripheral on June 9, priced at $400 compared to the regular $500.

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