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Open-world racer The Crew to reach PC beta two days early


Though Ubisoft originally planned to launch the closed PC beta of The Crew on July 23, the publisher has decided to kick things off a bit early by moving the beta launch to next Monday, July 21.

"Since we've announced The Crew last year, we've received many messages from players around the world, eager to get their hands on the game," reads a notice posted on the game's website. "We've heard you loud and clear, and as we can't wait for you to play, we announce [to] you that our PC Closed Beta will be starting earlier than what we first announced. Get ready to play from Monday 21st of July to Friday 25th."

Additionally, Ubisoft has revealed that the closed beta will include full access to The Crew's abridged map of the continental United States. Missions and skill challenges will only be available in the Midwest and East Coast regions, but players can still tour the Rockies, the American South and the West Coast at will.
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