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Kashoo Accounting app goes universal


I've been a big fan and happy user of Kashoo for quite a few years now. It's a small business accounting service (US$49 per year) that has both a web service and an iPad app, and it distinguishes itself from competitors like QuickBooks in being very easy to use. Well, my small business accounting needs are now going away at a totally inopportune time (I'm shutting down a business), since Kashoo today announced the availability of a universal version of the app.

Being able to access Kashoo from an iPhone or iPod touch now adds just that much more utility to the app. The app now also has the ability to send reports via Messages and AirDrop, so beaming an invoice or quarterly report to an iPhone-toting CPA while you're at lunch is not an issue.

Taxes are the bane of every small business owner, and the update also adds taxes to Quick Entry and provides cleaner tax listings on the income and expense detailed edit views.

The company has a short video showing off the new features of version 3.4; we can't embed it here, but just follow this link to see the latest from Kashoo.

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