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Square Enix squashes Final Fantasy Type-0 fan translation


Publisher Square Enix has issued a cease and desist order to a romhacker calling his or herself "Sky," effectively ending work on an English-language patch for the PSP's Japan-exclusive Final Fantasy Type-0.

"Unfortunately I'm forced to remove my posts and pages related to the popular Final Fantasy Type-0 fan translation project," Sky wrote in a recent blog update. "That's right, certain game company thinks that threats and false accusations are the way to treat its biggest fans."

Despite Sky's outrage, this move should come as no surprise. Square Enix recently revealed plans to launch Final Fantasy Type-0 in the West on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A free patch for a PSP game solely available to importers and software pirates would hinder sales of the new-generation game, which will undoubtedly be a more lucrative release for the publisher than its original incarnation.
[Image: Square Enix]

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