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Eleven year Crytek engineer veteran joins id Software

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Tiago Sousa has joined id Software as a Lead Rendering Programmer to work on Doom and the id Tech 6 game engine. Sousa tweeted about the change in employment, a move that ends an 11-year stay with Crytek, where he most recently served as Lead R&D Graphics Engineer.

Sousa's LinkedIn profile lists his contributions at Crytek, which include work on CryENGINE 3 as well as Crysis 1 - 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, Warface and "undisclosed multiplatform projects."

Sousa's departure follows reports of key design, art and programming employees leaving Homefront: The Revolution developer Crytek UK due to late payments. A separate report also claims the departures of The Revolution's game director, Hasit Zala, and its development manager, Ben Harris.
[Image: id Software]

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