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Volition looking to recruit 100 homies, expand crib

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Tired of reading about companies slashing office workforce and laying off employees? Well, the coin has flipped and given us a bit of good news on the other foot. (We may have combined too many expressions there.) Saints Row 4 developer Volition is looking to expand their office floor space as well as hire 100 new employees. Time to dust off that resume!

The News-Gazette reports that the city officials representing Champaign, Illinois - where Volition is headquartered - are proposing financial incentives regarding the company expansion, including up to $150,000 in funding for space acquisition and renovation. City Council will consider the request at its study session on Tuesday, July 22.

We're not sure if potential hires will be forced to wear their Saints Row pride on their sleeve, but it couldn't hurt, right? Or is this one of those "don't wear the band's t-shirt to the band's concert" situations?
[Image: Deep Silver]

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