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Inside My Radio laying down extra tracks for official release

Action platformers might be second nature to you after years of practice, but how many have you played that demand a knack for rhythm for everything but basic movement? You can add Inside My Radio to that shorter list once Seaven Studio finishes helping TurboDindon expand the build that won the Overall and Audio prizes during 2012's Lundun Game #23 Jam.

Inside My Radio follows a little grinning square as he tries to fix the boom box he lives in. While players can freely move left and right, dashes and jumps must be done in unison with an area's beat. Different sections of the stereo will be backed by different styles of music, with the existing build featuring electro and disco-styled stages. Visuals shift to accommodate each genre, complete with our protagonist swapping headphones for a poofy hairdo between the electro to disco-driven dance floors.

The game's website lists a "when it's done" arrival for the finished version on PC and consoles, but if your interest is piqued and you're running a PC, you can try the Lundun build right this minute. Your clicks don't have to match a beat as you make your way to the download link, but it might prepare you for what's ahead.
[Image: Seaven Studio, TurboDindon]

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