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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is in beta, please excuse the dust-iny

S. Prell, @SamPrell

The beta for Activision and Bungie's sci-fi epic Destiny started earlier this week for PlayStation owners, and it won't be long before those wielding Xbox controllers are able to jump in and enjoy the fun. I myself have played just a handful of hours as a Warlock, blasting Fallen left and right with my super pew-pew space guns. I gotta admit, I'm having fun so far. It reminds me of the days I would get giddy over experiencing the next Halo game - and hey, you don't even have to buy another game to get access!

I find betas to be an interesting experience. They let you get a sneak peek at an upcoming game or expansion, and even though there's often bugs or other hiccups in the way, it's fun to feel like you're in on something so early. I know some beta testers take their responsibilities as bug reporters incredibly seriously, while others are just happy to get a taste of an anticipated game. So I pose the question to you: where do you fall on the spectrum? Are betas a fun little taste test, or are they a serious QA test for you to rigorously throw yourself against? Tell us your views or share some of your favorite beta stories after voting for your favorite webcomic!

Penny Arcade (Doctrine)
Three Panel Soul (Better Than Placebo)
Hejibits (Clue Clog)
Ctrl+Alt+Del (Starting Hand)
Action Trip (Divine Kardashian: Original Sin)
Awkward Zombie (P-1000)


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