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Apple lines up Pharrell, Maroon 5, Blondie and more for 2014 iTunes Festival

Matt Brian, @m4tt

Apple may have broken from tradition to bring an iTunes Festival to the US earlier in the year, but that didn't mean it wouldn't spoil us Brits with another month-long series of concerts. As in previous years, Apple has gone hard, bringing another healthy lineup of music stars, including Pharrell, Maroon 5, Kasabian, Sam Smith, David Guetta, Calvin Harris and over 50 other bands and singers to Camden's iconic Roundhouse venue in September. Those concerts will be streamed live online, with fans from over 100 countries able to view them from their computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod and also via their Apple TV boxes. If you live locally, you can, of course, also apply to watch your favourite act live, as Apple is handing out tickets as part of a traditional online lottery. To enter, fill in your details at the source link below or lookout for special promotions on Global Radio or in the Evening Standard paper.

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