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FIFA 15's North American cover gets shirty over Xbox sponsorship


World Cup star Clint Dempsey joins Argentina's Lionel Messi on the North American box art for FIFA 15, EA revealed. The USA talisman is a great choice, but if money's short and you're looking to save loads, we recommend the Tim Howard edition (boom boom tish.)

Dempsey, however, isn't the most striking thing about the new covers. That honor goes to his jerseys and the unmissable difference between them on Xbox and PlayStation. As you can see above, Dempsey's wearing his Xbox-sponsored Seattle Sounders jersey on the Xbox One cover, while on PS4 he's clad in the Xbox-less Team USA colors.

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The disparity is understandable on both sides - featuring Dempsey presented an obvious opportunity for Microsoft, but it's also one Sony was never going to promote. At the same time, there seems to be something about EA Sports that attracts this kind of thing to its covers. It was only last year when EA had to change the out-of-date FIFA 14 cover following Gareth Bale's record move to Real Madrid. Madden fans will no doubt remember the 2008 fiasco when Brett Favre joined the New York Jets just days before Madden 09 hit shelves.

Of course, there's still plenty of time for Dempsey to pull some last-minute shenanigans before FIFA 15 hits North America on September 23.

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