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Happy 50th birthday, Ryu!


Street Fighter's iconic world warrior Ryu has just hit the big 5-0, a Reddit post pointed out earlier today. Feel free to send him "over the hill" birthday cards and jokey coffee mugs to mark the start of his sixth virtual decade. He'd love that.

A red-headed Ryu got his start in 1987's awful arcade brawler Street Fighter, overcoming clunky controls to beat Sagat and claim the title of world champion. Ryu later starred as the default character choice in the moderately more successful Street Fighter 2, and went on to appear in countless sequels, spin-offs, and side-stories alongside his brother-from-another-mother Ken.

Happy 50th, Ryu! Here's hoping you're still punching that waterfall when you're 100.

[Image: Capcom / kotogo]

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