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Samsung releases yet another anti-iPhone ad dubbed "Screen Envy"


Well, you gotta hand it to Samsung -- they sure are persistent. Earlier today the number one purveyor of Android handsets released yet another anti-iPhone ad dubbed "Screen Envy." As the title implies, the commercial puts down the iPhone for having a much smaller screen than the flagship Galaxy S5 which boasts a 5.1-inch display.

While some of Samsung's anti-Apple efforts are pretty funny and creative, the company's most recent efforts seem to be falling flat. Older Samsung ads poking fun at wannabe hipster Apple fans waiting in line for a device they know nothing about were great. Ads like the one above seem a bit generic.

Now who's to say what's going on inside the Samsung brain trust at the moment, but it stands to reason that the company may be in a bit of a panic mode considering that the Galaxy S5 hasn't exactly taken the world by storm. Not only did Samsung recently report a 24% drop in quarterly profits, but the 8-month old iPhone 5s continues to sell better than the recently released Galaxy S5.

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