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Stiq Figures, July 7 - 13: Video games IN SPACE edition

Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

It seems like this week's conversation was dominated by Destiny beta talk, which makes sense given expectations circling Bungie's shooter and the general summer drought. Not everyone can get into a sorta-MMO though, and that's okay – there's more than enough room in the vastness of space for multiple gaming genres. There's something about that endless vacuum's allure that's just so damn exciting too, so why not reminisce on our favorite intergalactic adventures?

Mass Effect 2 can have its obligatory mention, but since I've already run my fondness for that game into the ground, it's time for Descent 2 to get some recognition. Sure, I was a kid the first time I clunked my way through Descent 2's winding chambers and tunnels, but the majority of its robots still creep me the hell out to this day. Why do the Medium Lifters all have crimson-splattered claws? What are they lifting that stains red, if not the innards of squishy human pilots?

Getting blown to bits by unsettling polygons is easily worth it though – Descent 2's balance of exploration with round-the-corner fights masters a sense of tension that's still a blast for me to revisit. I never feel like I've seen everything Descent 2 has stowed away, and I also never feel safe searching its infested mines, considering the enemies lurking between me and each stage's exit.

But maybe Descent 2's float-and-shoot space dogfights aren't your favorite sort of adventure in the Citadel universe either. Why don't you tell us what is? Right after you check this week's Japanese hardware sales after the break, of course.

3DS LL: 55,531 [UP] 33,617
Vita: 38,907 [UP] 20,469
Wii U: 8,658 [DOWN] 1,303
PS3: 7,763 [UP] 252
PS4: 7,150 [DOWN] 726
3DS: 6,425 [UP] 1,001
Vita TV: 1,803 [DOWN] 414
PSP: 779 [DOWN] 800
Xbox 360: 140 [DOWN] 40
[Image: Interplay]

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