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Google is adding free WiFi to Uber cars in Philadelphia, but only for the summer


We have no scientific data to back this up, but we suspect most of you are not tough enough, not resilient enough, to work on a laptop in a moving vehicle without hurling. If you're that special sort, though -- or if you just like to have your phone on WiFi whenever possible -- then you might appreciate what we're about to tell you. Google just announced that it will provide free WiFi in Uber cabs -- ostensibly so that people can keep working between meetings (preferably using Google Apps, says Google, winkwinknudgenudge). The move is just the latest in what seems to be a budding romance between the two companies -- Uber is already built into Google Maps. In any case, as cool as this latest development may seem, it's also quite limited: The service is restricted to Philadelphia, and it will only last through Labor Day. If you happen to live in the City of Brotherly Love, though, you can take advantage of this starting today. Just make sure you select a WiFi-enabled vehicle when booking the car.

Image source: Flickr/Adam Fagan

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