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Monument Valley beats free-to-play trend, sells 1 million copies


Monument Valley is a fantastic game -- no, seriously, read our review -- but the fact that it's not free-to-play makes it a bit of a rarity these days. At US$3.99, the game had its work cut out for it from the day it launched, which is why it's so great to see that the game has sold a cool million units since its debut in April.

Developer ustwo got a bit of help on its way to App Store domination thanks to promotions from Apple as well as an Apple Design Award, both of which brought a lot of attention to the title.

Speaking with TechCrunch, Monument Valley's producer Dan Gray noted that although the game is available on Android, its premium price tag has led to more sales on iOS. That's not surprising, given that the App Store has long dominated Google Play in terms of revenue, despite trailing in overall download figures.

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