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Netflix for Apple TV finally helps you binge watch with "Up Next"


Netflix has finally updated its Apple TV app to bring the "Up Next" feature to your home. "Up Next" allows users to automatically select the next episode of a TV series without having to go back through navigation menus. The feature has been available on every other Netflix platform -- which seemingly even includes toasters at this point -- but is just now making its way to Apple TV.

The update also brings the "Up Next" autoplay feature to Apple TV, which automatically plays the next episode in a series after a few seconds of asking if you want to watch. Autoplay, unlike the Up Next preview, needs to be manually turned on in the menu via the Play Next Episode feature. After Netflix feels like you've been watching too long it will automatically ask you, "Are you still watching Cheers?" or whatever show you've been bingeing on.

Before this update, Apple TV users had to go back to the main menu of the series they were watching, manually select the next episode, and press play. No longer will you be forced to endure several erroneous button clicks. This is a good day for Apple TV owners who have a cold or crippling depression.

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