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Virtual reality project has you reaching for the stars


It's understandable if having a homicidal alien stab you in the chest isn't your cup of tea, so, thankfully, there are more than a few examples of virtual reality that aren't nearly as gruesome. Take The Shoebox Diorama, for example. It's a series of interactive illustrations for the Oculus Rift, each with a different theme; the latest is about sitting atop a tower of chairs, called The Great Gottlieb. As Kill Screen notes, developer Daniel Ernst describes its premise thusly: this mountain of seats was built by the greatest circus acrobat who ever lived because he wanted a little peace of mind. While seated you can even reach out and grab for a star in the 3D sky, like the kid up above is doing. Sounds pretty tranquil, no? To complete the effect, a recent installation was erected (there's a video of it embedded below), where players sat atop a real stack of chairs and had a fan blowing at the back of their head.

If you're a bit on the acrophobic side (afraid of heights), perhaps Ernst's other Shoeboxes would be a more tempting, including one where you wake up and look out the window to see multicolored Tetris blocks dropping lazily from the sky. That sounds infinitely more pleasant than death by xenomorph if you ask us.

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