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Apple pushes further into Chinese retail with 12th Apple Store, opening August 2


Apple may not have gone for the bargain-basement iPhone many were theorizing the company would offer for the Chinese market, but you can't say the company isn't taking its new effort in China seriously. On August 2, the company will open its twelfth retail location, which will mark the second new store opening in as many weeks, following a new store in the southwest city of Chongqing which will open its doors on July 26.

The Center 66 mall in Wuxi, China will play host to the new Apple location. Going by Apple's official listing of the new store, it appears to be a standard Apple store in all respects. A full slate of knowledge classes is available starting the day after the opening, on August 3, and the majority of the sessions are already full.

It's important to note that Apple and the iPhone are dealing with a bit of drama in China right now, with a state-run news agency calling out the smartphone as a potential security threat. Apple has refuted the claims, and there's clearly plenty of love for Apple products in China, but there seems to be a layer of subtle animosity from the government -- or at least certain government agencies or officials -- that Apple could do without.

[via AppleInsider]

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