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Madden 15 says Russell Wilson is as good as Tom Brady


After EA offered its take on the top NFL rookies heading into the upcoming season earlier this week, it started dishing out Madden NFL 15 player ratings by the handful. While it isn't pulling the curtain back for every player yet, the developers at EA Tiburon unveiled the top-rated athletes in the game at five positions so far: Quarterback, running back, fullback, tight end and wide receiver. Among the more eye-opening appearances on the lists are Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, whose 93 rating is tied with Patriots passer Tom Brady, though Wilson's Super Bowl win in February provides a healthy argument about his place in the game.

Leading the charge for quarterbacks are Denver's Peyton Manning and Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers, both rated 98 overall. Fellow Packers player John Kuhn is the top fullback in the game with a 93 rating, while Vikings running back Adrian Peterson's 98 rating barely eclipses that of Eagles rusher LeSean McCoy and Chiefs runner Jamaal Charles (both rated 97). New Orleans' Jimmy Graham is the top tight end in the game at 97 overall, and Lions receiver Calvin Johnson is the lone 99 overall-rated player in the bunch. Head past the break for the rest of EA's rankings. Madden 15 will launch August 26 for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3.
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  1. Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos (98)
  2. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers (98)
  3. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints (96)
  4. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks (93)
  5. Tom Brady, New England Patriots (93)
Running Backs:
  1. Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings (98)
  2. LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles (97)
  3. Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs (97)
  4. Matt Forte, Chicago Bears (95)
  5. Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks (95)
  1. John Kuhn, Green Bay Packers (93)
  2. Mike Tolbert, Carolina Panthers (92)
  3. Marcel Reece, Oakland Raiders (92)
  4. Anthony Sherman, Kansas City Chiefs (90)
  5. Jerome Felton, Minnesota Vikings (88)
Tight Ends:
  1. Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints (97)
  2. Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots (96)
  3. Vernon Davis, San Francisco 49ers (94)
  4. Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys (93)
  5. Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers (88)
Wide Receivers:
  1. Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions (99)
  2. Brandon Marshall, Chicago Bears (96)
  3. Andre Johnson, Houston Texans (95)
  4. A.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals (95)
  5. Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys (94)

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