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Takara Tomy imagines PlayStation as Optimus Prime in disguise


Have you ever looked at the original 1994 PlayStation and wondered if there's more than meets the eye? Clearly Takara Tomy Arts has. The Japanese toymaker is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Transformers and the 20th anniversary of PlayStation by combining the two brands, quite literally. Yes, it's making a PlayStation toy that transforms into Autobot hero Optimus Prime, because why the hell not.

It's not the only system-to-transformer toy the company has in the pipeline, by the way. In September it's releasing a Sega Genesis model that converts into the villanous Megatron - Mega Drive and Megatron, it had to be done.

You can check out that transformation on Takara Tomy's site. Sadly for now there's just art of the PlayStation Prime robot, so you'll have to channel your imagination until the toy hits Japanese store shelves early next year.

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