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​Amazon's new video portal makes it easy to buy while you watch


Want to watch the latest Weird Al music video or catch a movie trailer straight out of Comic-Con? Amazon now has a place for that. Variety reveals that Amazon quietly launched a new "video shorts" section of its instant video service, filling it out with music videos, movie trailers, video reviews, interviews, featurettes and more. It seems like a simple addition of short-form video content, but it's more than that: this is one of Amazon's new advertising platforms.

While the video short section is filled out with a lot of great content, almost all of it is put into the context of shopping. On the right side of each video there's a list of three or four "related items" available for sale, with the option to expand the list to a full page of similar products. In other words, it's advertising supported entertainment -- has free video ever worked any other way?

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