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Titanfall's next DLC heads to the Frontier's Edge on July 31

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Respawn and EA will march titans and pilots alike to the digital frontier on July 31, when the second piece of Titanfall DLC drops for Xbox One and PC. The map pack, dubbed "Frontier's Edge," includes three new battlegrounds for you to turn your opponents into mincemeat: Haven, Export and Dig Site.

Respawn revealed the release date for Frontier's Edge on a livestream earlier this week, during which they also gave a preview of the impending maps and answered fan questions. You can watch the whole thing above, or skip to 58:15 if you just want to hear "July 31" over and over, as if to soothe yourself until the prophesied date arrives.

Frontier's Edge will cost $10 standalone, or you can purchase the Season Pass for $25 and get not only Frontier's Edge, but the previous DLC, Expedition, as well as a third, unannounced DLC down the line.
[Image: Respawn]

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