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Watch The Last of Us: One Night Live, but not the unseen epilogue


If you played The Last of Us and thought "hey this would make a really great stage show" then you're kind of weird. But also perhaps a visionary, since a The Last of Us stage show is exactly what Naughty Dog and Sony put on last night in a special one-off performance.

It's of course closer to a table read than a grand Broadway spectacle, but if you like seeing voice actors like Troy Baker (Joel) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie) apply themselves to their roles, it's worth a watch. Also, rather than telling the full plot, the show takes select scenes from various parts of Naughty Dog's horror. In short, it doesn't really explain the story but it sure as heck spoils it, so if you've not played the game, go do that first (it's really good!)

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There was, however, something at the show that you won't find in the above video:

Audience members got to see a previously unseen epilogue scene penned by writer and co-director Neil Druckman and acted out by Baker and Johnson. Putting together attendee accounts on NeoGAF - as we weren't at the show we can't verify them - the scene is set four years after the game's events and at the dam run by Joel's brother, Tommy.

Warning: spoilers in the next paragraph.

Joel is telling Ellie about how Tommy's trying to set him up with a woman called Esther, but Ellie is acting distant for some reason. Joel then says he has a gift for Ellie and brings in a guitar. He then plays and sings a song for her, before giving the guitar to her and leaving the room. Ellie then strums a string and the scene ends.

"Neil said that this will never ever be released, and asked that no one film it," one poster said. "It was pretty cool."
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