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Three's smartphone app for calling and texting over WiFi now available


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Three and EE jostled for attention last month when they announced, on the same day, their customers would soon be able to make calls and send texts over WiFi connections. While EE is working on a fancy system the user will be all but oblivious to, Three's following O2's lead with an app that does the necessary handover work. Slightly ahead of schedule, Three's inTouch app has now launched for Android and iOS devices -- just in time to take advantage of the carrier's newest customer perk: free Tube WiFi. As you'd expect, calls made and messages sent over WiFi are deducted from your normal monthly allowances or pay-as-you-go credit. Unfortunately, inTouch won't work in countries not covered by Three's Feel at Home free roaming service, but it's something the network is looking into.

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