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Blizzard seeks targeted feedback on beta quest bottlenecks

Alex Ziebart

Questing bottlenecks plague the release of every World of Warcraft expansion -- if you were an Alliance player trying to play the night of Mists of Pandaria's release, you probably have nightmares about a certain gyrocopter. This time around, the developers are specifically seeking feedback about such bottlenecks. In the words of QA representative Zorbrix:

Targeted Feedback Request: Quest Bottlenecks
Bottlenecks are basically the term we use to describe situations that stop players from questing at their normal pace. Players tend to progress through zones and quests at different rates, but if a quest target (object, drop rate, or mob spawning rate) is too rare, it can really slow players down. The fastest players will run into this first, and they might get through without too much of a reduction in their speed, but just like a traffic jam on a highway more and more people will pileup behind them.

Zorbrix has created individual threads for each Warlords zone for beta testers to submit specific feedback. Beta testers, be diligent in reporting potential bottlenecks -- for those of us interested in doing meaningful testing, catching bottlenecks before they go live will undoubtedly have the largest positive impact on gameplay during the expansion's launch.

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