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Rumor Roundup: Gin it up for pageviews


Apple unlikely to release the 5.5-inch iPhone and iWatch in December as rumored (9to5 Mac)

A post on a Chinese social network claims the products earlier rumored to launch next year will instead be launched in December. As 9to5 Mac correctly points out, this seems incredibly unlikely for a variety of reasons. It also bears repeating that no legitimate parts for either of these long-rumored products have leaked, so their very existence is in question. Speaking of which...

Purported 5.5-in. iPhone logic board surfaces alongside 'iPhone 6' part in new photos (AppleInsider)

From the article: "The jumbo-sized iPhone version is approximately the same size as its smaller sibling, but features a slightly different layout." So based on that, we naturally leap to the conclusion that this is meant for a big-screened iPhone 6. It couldn't possibly be meant for an iPad mini, nor is it even within the realm of possibility that this isn't even a production part at all, but rather a circuit board meant exclusively for testing purposes.

Nor is it even worth considering the possibility that this part is fake. I mean, it came from China. Nothing fake ever comes out of China, and only the most respectably-sourced rumors emerge from that part of the world.

Apple Stores to soon open up iPhone sales via AT&T Next, T-Mobile JUMP, & Verizon Edge (9to5 Mac)

As someone who lives in a country without AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or even Apple Stores, this is of absolutely no interest.

Hilariously (and predictably), 9to5 Mac hedges its bets: "It is possible that Apple decides not to go through with the pilot testing as yet-to-be-launched initiatives can always be cancelled late in development."

I am convinced that if this program doesn't roll out, it will be because of this leak.

An iPhone 6 case we can believe in (TUAW)

From the article: "When a case manufacturer we know and trust sends us a bunch of well-photographed images of an upcoming iPhone 6 case, we take notice and risk the wrath of our very own Chris Rawson, the Rumor Slayer."

Oh god. You guys. Just... why?

These cases were likely based on the same mockups that have been floating around for months. This proves only one thing: case makers continue to be willing to make big bets based on rumors in hopes that they can be first to market when the next-gen iPhone is released. The fact that case makers have lost that bet so many times in the past proves another thing: it's unwise to place much stock in these kinds of "leaks" when case makers are simply basing them on the same rumors we already know about.

Rumor: 'iWatch' production hits snags, will not begin until Q4 2014 (AppleInsider)

Unannounced product that hasn't even been confirmed to exist is "delayed" because some component supplier says they won't be making as much money in the next quarter as they thought they would. Sure, makes perfect sense. I mean, there could be any number of reasons a component supplier might not make as much money in a financial quarter as it thought it would, but let's go ahead and ignore all of those and leap to the conclusion that it has something to do with the iWatch.

This just in: Blackberry reports the iWatch will be delayed because its quarterly profits are down by eleventy-billion percent. In related news, McDonald's corporate stock dipped today on news that the McWatch will be delayed until Q2 2015.

iPHONE 6 LEAK: Check out the device's major redesign in new leaked video (BGR)

Check out the same case you've already seen 50 times in this MAJOR ALL-CAPS IPHONE 6 LEAK WHARRGARBL-

Don't hold your breath for an iPhone 6 with sapphire glass (BGR)

Some "industrial analysis firm" claims the next iPhone won't have a sapphire glass display cover. Awesome. Now we've covered both sides of the divide, so whether the next iPhone has a sapphire glass display or not, the rumor blogs can claim they were right all along. That's a relief.

Unreleased 'Mid 2014' Mac Mini Referenced on Apple Support Page (MacRumors)

From the article: "The mention of the mid-2014 Mac mini may be a simple error." Sure, it may be a simple error, but let's gin it up for pageviews anyway.

Apple support page also listed as yet unseen 'mid-2014 iMac 27′ (9to5 Mac)

From the article: "As with the Mac mini, there's no way to know whether these really are unannounced products, with the clock ticking on the 'mid-year' description, or simple errors on the page." Sure, it may be a simple error, but let's gin it up for pageviews anyway.

Apple TV overhaul not expected to debut until 2015 (9to5 Mac)

Yet another unconfirmed, rumored Apple product with no substantiating evidence for its existence has been "delayed" until next year. Boy, 2015 is sure looking like a busy year for nonexistent, BS-sourced Apple products. Unless they end up being "delayed" until 2016.

iPhone 6 Said to Launch on Tuesday, October 14, Part of 'Incredibly Busy' Month for Apple (MacRumors)

The beauty of this rumor is its specificity. We have exact dates for the purported announcement and launch for the iPhone 6, and if either (or both) of them turn out to be BS, MacRumors is going to look pretty foolish.

On the other hand, there's always the possibility Apple might change the dates because of this leak. Wait, no. Apple only reacts that way when 9to5 Mac leaks stuff. Never mind.

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