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T-Mobile's UnCarrier plans continue to surge at the expense of rivals


T-Mobile keeps riding its UnCarrier plans to increased post-paid subscribers and added over a million in total for Q2 2014, including 579,000 phone subscribers. That compares to its much larger competitor Verizon, for example, which added only 304,000 net post-paid phone customers, or Sprint, which lost 180,000. It puts T-Mobile nearly on par with AT&T for the quarter, which saw 700,000 more phone customers and around a million total. Notably, AT&T recently added off-contract plan-sharing options to keep prices more in line with rivals. T-Mobile finished the quarter with just over 50 million subscribers and earned $1.4 billion, a jump of over 14.7 percent over last year. The company recently launched free iPhone test drives and music streaming that doesn't add to data usage. T-Mobile also said that as of today, its VoLTE (Voice over LTE) coverage is now nationwide -- the first carrier to achieve that status.

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