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You mayfly around in musical adventure Ephemerid for $1


Ephemerid is a beautiful game about an unlikely beast, the mayfly, and it's now available at a reduced price of $1 on the App Store. This is a limited-time sale, so jump on it like a mayfly on corn (we don't know much about mayflies).

We do know that Ephemerid is a musical adventure game and it's "just plain gorgeous." The graphics are composed of paper, glass and paint, and the music elevates the gameplay and story with rocking guitar riffs. Ephemerid follows the entire life of a mayfly – just one day – and asks players to make every moment count for this fluttering insect's sake.
[Image: SuperChop Games]

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IndieCade Finalist Ephemerid Drops to $0.99 on the App Store for a Limited Time Only

Mesmerizing Music Adventure Game Now 75% Off For a Short Time

July 31, 2014 – Austin, TX – SuperChop Games today announced Ephemerid, the critically-acclaimed musical adventure game, is now available for a reduced price of $0.99 on the App Store. Ephemerid combines an enchanting, original soundtrack with scenes made entirely of hand cut paper art. The engrossing gameplay invites players to take flight on a musical journey as they help a mayfly find its destiny.

An IndieCade Finalist in 2013 alongside games like Gone Home and Nidhogg, Ephemerid has been nominated for several awards including:

• BIG Festival Finalist – Best Sound Category 2014
• SXSW Gamers Voice Award Finalist 2014
• IndieCade 2013 Finalist
• Captivate 2013 Finalist

For information about Ephemerid and SuperChop Games, please visit:

Twitter: @SuperChopGames

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