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Mega Man Soundtrack volumes on iTunes, Amazon, more soon

Tired of humming songs from the NES Mega Man games to yourself? If a particular tune from Mega Man 1-5 won't stop knocking around your skull, you can now jam away to the real deal by grabbing volumes of the Mega Man Soundtrack, available via iTunes for $9.99 - 10.99 and Amazon from $7.99 - 8.99. And hey, at least this way your neighbors will be hearing the full song.

These volumes offer both NES and PS1 versions of some tracks, though not all are included in both styles. If your preferred Mega Man tracks do not fall in the above spectrum, there's still hope: Capcom Unity's Brelston notes that music from numerical games up to Mega Man 10 are planned to arrive "through the end of the year."
[Image: Capcom]

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