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Breakfast Topic: What's the one thing you will never get rid of?

Anne Stickney

I will happily admit that I am a terrible packrat when it comes to WoW. I like to collect stuff, and my bank, void storage, and bag space all suffer for it. I have been known to get rid of things, however -- old tier sets from vanilla and Burning Crusade can always easily be farmed again later, so I never feel a need to hang onto them. With the addition of a new void storage tab and the toy box, I'll have plenty more space to fill in Warlords of Draenor -- and I'll happily find a ton of stuff worth squirreling away, I imagine. Beta doesn't have all the new items you can find implemented just yet, but there are more than enough hidden chests, rare spawns, and fun vignettes to provide me with things to put in my bags.

There are, however, certain things in my bank and bags that I will never get rid of. My Thieves' Tools from vanilla, which used to be a requirement for lockpicking but are no longer needed. My Loaded Gnomish Dice, because who doesn't need a pair of those sitting around? And of course, Pocket Lint -- an essential part of any adventurer's bags. Last week, I asked you guys to name one thing you wish you hadn't gotten rid of. This week, I'm going to ask the other half of that question: What's the one thing you will never, ever get rid of? That one precious item that will always and forever remain a part of your inventory? Do you have certain in-game items that you cherish? Or is it all just liquidation material to you, waiting to be turned into gold?

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