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UK spy agency gives thumbs up to grad degrees in online security


Good internet security isn't just about having the right tools to fend off cyber attacks; you need smart people, too. The UK government clearly knows this, as GCHQ has just accredited Master's degrees in online security that live up to the intelligence agency's "stringent criteria." If you pursue the right grad studies at one of six British universities (including London and Oxford), you'll both be well-equipped to handle digital threats and get an edge when hunting for that first big InfoSec job.

And despite what it looks like, this isn't primarily meant to grow GCHQ's candidate pool; it's part of a broader initiative that could help the economy. The hope is that creating more cybersecurity experts will make the UK "one of the safest places in the world" for online businesses. There's a degree of irony to that statement given GCHQ's far-reaching ability to compromise internet services, but the odds are that this certification will help your career more than it hurts.

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