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Sunday Morning Funnies: Redundant? No way

Amanda Miller

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, in comics: Congratulations are in order (and boy, does time fly!). The wheelbarrow of death. Mountain climbing. Plus: Double cat!

On the list this week, Teh Gladiators has returned with new comics. In fact, there are six new ones to check out!

There are also a couple of comics on the list today that don't update with WoW-related content every week. NPC has three comics, which is a treat, and Sara & Kleeyo has something new as well.

On Away From Reality this week, there's some discussion about the decision to restrict player flight in Warlords. And on Trigonometry Comics, this week's update is apparently the most difficult page Trig has ever created.

If you'd like a few hints at the plots, well, just glance up. Contested Territory is reminiscing. I missed their childhood selves! Plus, big things are happening on Gratz. (Or a little thing? Hmm.)

That's all you get! On to the list:

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