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Sunless Sea Emerald update adds new regions to sail, fear

A few patches of the Unterzee's oceanic void Contributing Editor Mike Suszek approached in our Early Access Sunless Sea review have been properly charted – as in, developer Failbetter Games has actually implemented those areas into the build available via Steam in this week's Emerald update.

Players can now explore the Sea of Autumns, the Salt Lions and the Iron Republic, but casting off on a new venture no longer involves a sense of direction earned from previous discoveries. A press release states that Sunless Sea's map now changes "every time you play," so just because you've become acquainted with certain territories doesn't mean their locations will be familiar.

The Emerald update improves the sense of direction used by zee-bats and allows players to name their ship. It also boosts Sunless Sea's script beyond 100,000 words, but we'd use far fewer to describe Sunless Sea's unsettling brand of sea life: "gross," "what the hell is that" and "creepy enough to dine at Red Lobster in hopes of consuming its ancestors and preventing its existence" all come to mind.
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What's new in the Emerald release?

The map now changes every time you play. There are new lands, including the Iron Republic, the Salt Lions, and the Sea of Autumns. The chart is lovelier, zee-bats have a better sense of direction, and you can name your ship. And we've added more delicious words: the total count has passed 100,000.

You can find out more about the latest changes here, or take a look at our full development roadmap.

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