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Udon handling books for Ace Attorney, Street Fighter, more

Keep an eye on Udon Entertainment if you're looking to expand your gaming-related comic or physical art book collection: the publisher detailed plans for upcoming prints during a panel at Comic-Con San Diego, which involves material from several notable series.

Though release dates for this pair were unspecified, art enthusiasts can safely begin anticipating English versions of The Art of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies and Professor Layton Official Fanbook. Gungnir Official Art Chronicle is on its way as well, which celebrates the universe of PSP RPG Gungnir.

Udon is continuing work with hardcover editions of the Street Fighter comic series as well, with the publisher describing volume 2 as "almost complete." Alex Culang and Raynato Castro's Katamari comic has been rolled into Udon's Manga Classics line, with a Volume 1 collection coming in December 2014.

Also, anyone that's trying to track down a copy of the Street Fighter: World Warrior Encyclopedia can rest easy: Udon will distribute an oversized "special hardcover edition" next year, which will feature new artwork and updated information related to Ultra Street Fighter 4.
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