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Introducing Slices of Apple, an inside look at what makes Apple great


Ever wonder what makes Apple tick? The company is notoriously secretive about its products, but perhaps has been even more secretive about how it operates on the inside. Relatively few resources are available if you want to know the inside scoop on how Apple keeps making great products. While Tim Cook has, in a few interviews and talks, let us know a little about the processes at Apple, relatively little has examined the various interconnecting tools and processes within the company that allow it to ship great products so consistently.

With these things in mind we set out to create a sort of documentary called Slices of Apple. In a series of videos we'll speak with a number of former Apple employees who worked in various departments. They'll tell us what they did and how they did it at Apple, and what processes the company uses to "just make it great" as Steve Jobs once said. Our hope is to teach entrepreneurs how to make great products and build better companies.

Stay tuned on Friday when our first episode will frame a little bit of the overall problem of "how do I make a great product that merges the best design with the best engineering?" Then, over the next three months or so, we'll bring you weekly videos on Fridays that feature our interviews. We hope you enjoy it!

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