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Kids React to a Typewriter: 'Thank God we have iPads now"


The "Kids React" video series by The Fine Bros on YouTube is always great for a laugh or two, and whenever a piece of retro technology pops up on the show, it inevitably gets compared to an Apple product. Today's "Kids React to Typewriters" episode is no different, and the youngsters interviews just can't believe that anyone would have bothered to use such a cumbersome typing device, comparing it to an iPad and a MacBook along the way.

When asked if they thought future kids would feel bad from them because tomorrow's technology would make modern computers look ancient, one girl even promises "The Mac will never be like this." Technology's relentless march forward suggests otherwise.

It's telling how often these kids vs. retro technology videos end with the kids praising Apple specifically, while ignoring every other tech company. "I couldn't live without my iPhone" is never replaced with "I couldn't live without my Galaxy S5 Active." Either the kids on the show just happen to come from Apple-loving households, or younger generations automatically equate Apple with the absolute cutting edge of consumer tech, and do so by default. I'd put my money on the latter, which is fantastic news for the future of Apple.

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